About Us

Farmington Mutual Broadcasting, an organization developed for community radio in Farmington and surrounding area. Farmington Mutual Broadcasting owns and operates Double Q 1610/106.3.

Double Q 1610 Khz/106.3 MHz, True Community Radio In Southeast IA.

Double Q is Farmington Community Radio, The FCC allows low power, community radio stations to broadcast provided the broadcast power and transmitter comply with government regulations. Our transmitter is approved under FCC rule Part 15.219 which is not a radiation limitation but a power and antenna length limitation. The Hamilton Rangemaster 1000 transmitter is FCC certified FCC ID#NWXAM1000 that KWQQ 1610 uses. For comparison KILJ a long established commercial station in Mount Pleasant transmits at AM 250 daytime watts, FM 25,000watts, 2,500 times as powerful as KWQQ. Advances in technology today allow us to obtain high quality sound on low power AM/FM within our broadcast radius. Double Q is the place to hear your favorite music and memories from yesterday. Double Q 1610/106.3 is YOUR radio station!

Support DoubleQ, the station dedicated to Villages of Van Buren County. Your donation helps us pay our music licensing fees, our talent, upkeep for our station and equipment, and it keeps independent radio on the air in Van Buren County.

Become a Member:
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Large radio owners are losing millions of dollars a year, but they are not doing anything about it. Radio has to go local to survive, and that is where we come in.

Made in beautiful Van Buren County……But heard anywhere at kwqqradio.com.

Why donate?
DoubleQ is a not for profit station, meaning we rely on membership and donors to survive. Your money goes directly toward our facility, equipment, maintenance, music licensing, and staff. You are helping fund the future of a timeless medium that has lost its way and many of the great programming commercial radio ignores. You are revolutionizing modern radio and bringing it back to its roots.