Now On Air:12:35:08 PM (CDT) Dark Side Of The Moon Promo

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 12:34:08 PM (CDT) Our Miss Brooks Promo
 12:34:02 PM (CDT) This is the DoubleQ Village Radio in Farmington and Bonaparte
 12:33:42 PM (CDT) Runaround Sue Qing in your car
 12:33:10 PM (CDT) KWDoubleQ2
 12:32:57 PM (CDT) Pro-Pak 1A - Track 18 [TOH Double Q Stager - LS 71 89]
 12:32:50 PM (CDT) StereoDoubleQ106-3
 12:32:19 PM (CDT) KWQQwx
 12:31:36 PM (CDT) KWQQ TOC Promo 30
 12:30:09 PM (CDT) RT_07-15_PrinceCaspian_ep02_seg01

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